Recent Credits


  • DESPERATE ENDEAVORS - Directed by Salim Khassa - Makeup Department Head

  • BEST SELLER - CJP Productions - Makeup Department Head

  • THE KNICK - HBO - Key Makeup Artist

  • THE ORDAINED - CBS - Key Makeup Artist

  • THE TREE -Bobble Head Productions - Makeup Department Head

  • N.A.M - Directed by Marcus Slabine - Makeup Department Head

  • AQUANOIDS- Directed by Reinhart Peschke - Makeup Department Head

  • DECEPTION - NBS - Key Makeup Artist

  • THE WIMP WHOSE WOMAN WAS A WEREWOLF - Directed by Larry Longstreth - Makeup Artist to Kristen Wiig

  • THE ORPHAN KILLER - Directed by Matt Farnsworth - Makeup Department Head



Paul Molnár, a passionate, focused, creative mined who loves to use the face as a canvas, creating wonders, beauty and fascinating design all with just make-up for over 20 years. Beauty or FX make-up, glossy lips to heavy prosthetics. Paul is a well-rounded makeup artist with many films, television shows and theatrical credits. Including, SVU, Boardwalk Empire, MIB3, Person of Interest, to name a few.  

 Paul had the privilege to be apart of the Academy award winning make-up team on The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. ​ At the moment Paul is proud to be department heading yet another show, this time a comedy called “Dead Beat” for Hulu plus. Motion Magic f/x LLC, Paul's partnered shop in NYC creates all the f/x for the show.


 From Department Head to Day player Paul Molnar has proven with make-up and imagination the face can be transformed to anything or anyone.

2010 - present

2010 - present






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